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SQL Azure Internals by Bruno Denuit-Wojcik
Date Session Artifacts Feedback
May 2014  T-SQL User-Defined Functions, or: Bad Performance Made Easy by Hugo Kornelis

Temp table vs. Table Variables vs. CTE by Vladimir Sotirov
April 2014 An Introduction to Service Broker by Yell, McGuyer

SQL Azure Internals by Bruno Denuit-Wojcik
March 2014 Introduction to SSIS by Virginia Mushblat

SSRS from beginners to intermediate (SSRS on SSRS) by Steve Rezhener
Chapter Deck

Session #1 Deck

Session #2 Deck

February 2014 Building Your Myth Busting Lab With Power BI by Julie Koesmarno Slide Deck

January 2014 Demystifying Database Deployments or Continuous Integration using Red Gate tools by John Nardella

December 2013 Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise & Foglight Performance Analysis in action by Vadim Kulikov Slide Deck

November 2013 Considerations for operating MS SQL in the cloud, in production, DR, or hybrid scenarios by Nick Rubtsov Slide Deck

October 2013 Impaired to Insightful - Analysis with Geospatial Data by Julie Koesmarno Slide Deck
September 2013 Data Lifecycle, Patterns and Architectures by Virginia Mushkatblat Slide Deck
August 2013 SQL Server Optimization: Tuning the Hardware Subsystems by Victor Isakov
July 2013 NoSQL for the SQL Server Pro by Lynn Langit Slide Deck | Session Recording
May 2013 SQL Server Performance Tuning - Keeping It Simple by Bill Yeager Slide Deck | Demo
April 2013 Real-Time Insights & Complex Event Processing - SQL Server StreamInsight & the Real-Time Web by Ahmad Alkilani Slide Deck
March 2013 Tablix – The Rubik Cube of Reporting Services by Mickey Stuewe Slide Deck | Demo

Past SQL Server Events

PASS Summit 2013 : October 15 - 18, 2013, Charlotte, NC

SQL In The City (Red Gate): Oct 9, 2013, Pasadena 

SQL Saturday #249 : Sep 29, 2013, San Diego

24 Hours of PASS Summit 2013 Preview : July 31, 2013, Online Session

SQL Saturday #201 Orange County : April 20, 2013. Huntington Beach, CA

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