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Using Columnstore indexes in Azure DevOps Services. Lessons learned by Konstantin Kosinsky

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  • 19:00 - 20:00 Pacific Daylight Time
  • Language: English

The Analytics service in Azure DevOps Services provides all-over insights to your DevOps data: work item tracking, CI/CD pipelines, testing process, etc. Built on top of columnstore indexes, the Analytics service has to deal with 100s of millions of records and daily growth in 10s of millions, only a few minutes delay from operation store, sub-second query performance for in-product experiences as well as 3rd party extensions, Power BI integration and ad-hoc queries.

Working on it, I've learned a lot of DOs and DON'Ts about columnstore indexes. The session covers how to: * partition columnstore indexes in a multitenant environment * maintain columnstore indexes in case of updates and/or purge to keep segment elimination possible * evolve database schema without downtimes and maintenance windows * design to benefit from predicate and aggregation pushdown * deal with edge case like ad-hoc queries for raw data and paging * choose between CCI and NCCI based on usage patterns

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